Java streams 14. Stream factory methods and operations

  static Stream<T> generate(Supplier<T> s);
static Stream<T> iterate(T seed, UnaryOperator<T> f);
static Stream<T> iterate(T seed, Predicate<T> hasNext,
UnaryOperator<T> next);
static Stream.Builder<T> builder();
static Stream<T> of(T... values);
static Stream<T> empty();
static Stream<T> ofNullable(T t);
static Stream<T> concat(Stream<T> a, Stream<T> b);
  Stream<T> sorted();
Stream<T> distinct();
Stream<T> skip(long n);
Stream<T> limit(long maxSize);
Stream<T> filter(Predicate<T> predicate);
Stream<T> sorted(Comparator<T> comparator);
default Stream<T> dropWhile(Predicate<T> predicate);
default Stream<T> takeWhile(Predicate<T> predicate);
  Stream<R> map(Function<T,R> mapper);
IntStream mapToInt(ToIntFunction<T> mapper);
LongStream mapToLong(ToLongFunction<T> mapper);
DoubleStream mapToDouble(ToDoubleFunction<T> mapper);
  Stream<R> flatMap(Function<T, Stream<R>> mapper);
IntStream flatMapToInt(Function<T,IntStream> mapper);
LongStream flatMapToLong(Function<T,LongStream> mapper);
DoubleStream flatMapToDouble(Function<T,DoubleStream> mapper);
Stream<T> peek(Consumer<T> action);
.map(s -> s + "a")
.map(s -> s + "b")
  long count();
void forEach(Consumer<T> action);
void forEachOrdered(Consumer<T> action);
boolean allMatch(Predicate<T> predicate);
boolean anyMatch(Predicate<T> predicate);
boolean noneMatch(Predicate<T> predicate);
Optional<T> findAny();
Optional<T> findFirst();
Optional<T> max(Comparator<T> comparator);
Optional<T> min(Comparator<T> comparator);
Object[] toArray();
A[] toArray(IntFunction<A[]> generator);
Optional<T> reduce(BinaryOperator<T> accumulator);
T reduce(T identity, BinaryOperator<T> accumulator);
U reduce(U identity, BiFunction<U,T,U> accumulator,
BinaryOperator<U> combiner);
R collect(Collector<T,A,R> collector);
R collect(Supplier<R> supplier, BiConsumer<R,T> accumulator,
BiConsumer<R,R> combiner);
  long c = List.of("a","b","c").stream().count();
System.out.print(c); //prints: 3
.forEach(System.out::print); //prints: 3421
.forEachOrdered(System.out::print); //prints: 1234



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Nick Samoylov

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