Java streams 28. Collect 4. Counting stream elements

Collectors.counting() vs Stream.count() operation

  long c1 = Stream.of("cat", "fish", "dog")
System.out.print(c1); //prints: 3
  long c2 = Stream.of("cat", "fish", "dog").count();
System.out.print(c2); //prints: 3
  long c3 = Stream.of("cat", "fish", "dog")
.peek(s -> System.out.print(s)) //is not called
System.out.print(c3); //prints: 3
long c4 = Stream.of("cat", "fish", "dog")
.peek(s -> System.out.print(s)) //prints: catfishdog
System.out.print(c4); //prints: 3
  long c5 = Stream.of("cat", "fish", "dog")
.peek(s -> System.out.print(s)) //prints: cat
System.out.print(c5); //prints: 1
  long c7 = Stream.of("cat", "fish", "dog")
.peek(s -> System.out.print(s)) //prints: cat
System.out.print(c7); //prints: 1
  class Counter{
long count;
public void Count(){}
public void increment(){ this.count++; }
public long getCount(){ return this.count; }
Counter counter1 = new Counter();
long c9 = Stream.of("cat", "fish", "dog")
.peek(s -> counter1.increment()) //not called
System.out.print(c9); //prints:3
System.out.print(counter1.getCount()); //prints: 0
Counter counter2 = new Counter();
long c10 = Stream.of("cat", "fish", "dog")
.peek(s -> counter2.increment()) //prints: cat
System.out.print(c10); //prints: 3
System.out.print(counter2.getCount()); //prints: 3



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Nick Samoylov

Nick Samoylov


Born in Moscow, lived in Crimea, now lives in the US. Used to be physicist and rock climber, now programmer and writer.